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Super Mario Maker 2 Release

The first-party Nintendo release for June is a doozy: Super Mario Maker 2. Greatly expanding on the original Mario level creator,Maker 2 adds a story mode, new tools and fine-tuning abilities, like changing how levels scroll and even setting specific win conditions,...

Playstation 5 Updates

Everything we know so far about the new Playstation 5 console.

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Our staff of experts breaks down the current state of the art in the hottest tech categories.

Graphics Card Buyer's Guide - 5/11/2019

Shopping for a graphics card can be intimidating. There are currently only two chipmakers (Nvidia and AMD, with Intel rumored to be entering the market by 2020), but each of them has an entire line of cards that is updated roughly annually. The names of the cards themselves can be confusing to the uninitiated, and that’s before you even get to the various buzzwords, derivatives, and concepts like overclocking. 

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Streaming Device Buyer's Guide - 5/2/2019

When you “cut the cord” with the cable company, you still need a way to get content to your TV. Some recent televisions have “Smart” functionality built in, but dedicated boxes and sticks will almost always provide a better user experience for a couple reasons. First, the dedicated boxes will have beefier hardware. Second, apps need to be specifically written for each line of TVs, and sometimes they simply stop being updated.

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